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Q NET – Quality Networks

Q NET offers state-of-the-art testing equipment and innovative solutions for non-destructive testing (ndt) of materials, technical components and structures, condition monitoring and process control.

We conduct national and international projects in cooperation with the Q NET corporate network and our partners in the USA, Mexico, China and India.
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Q NET was launched in 1994 as a spin-off company of Fraunhofer IZFP …

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Our Offer

Testing equipment, testing services, training,…

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Q Net Härtetiefenprüfgerät P3123Q Net Härtetiefenprüfgerät P3123
Hardness Depth Tester P3123

Information about our new 4-channel Hardness Depth Tester P3123

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SHD Testing

Basic information about the Ultrasonic Backscatter Technique

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Get in Touch

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help with any request.

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Q Net Härtetiefenprüfgerät P3123Q Net Härtetiefenprüfgerät P3123
Application Examples

Examples of applications for our Hardness Depth Tester P3123

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Corporate Network

Customers of Q NET can rely on an international corporate network.