Ultrasound Software Platform
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Ultrasound Software Platform



Ultrasonic testing and evaluation of materials has progressed significantly in the last decade driven by digital technologies and integrated software tools. Commercial systems feature advanced imaging, reliable performance, and great handling support such as fast set-up times for example. The new quality of ultrasonic equipment paves the way for many new applications which require customized software solutions.


Fraunhofer IZFP meets these demands by its new Ultrasound Software Platform. The NDT or process engineer gets a package and advice to customize his UT system according to his requirements and needs. This enables the engineer to create innovative solutions that solves his inspection problem or secures his process.



The Ultrasound Software Platform can process all types of data received by single or dual element probes, line, and matrix arrays. All major image processing techniques are implemented, from A-scan, S-scan, L-scan presentations up to the advanced imaging techniques Phased Array or Total Focusing Technique. For the developer, the software package offers a generalized data format for customized solutions created in Matlab, Python, and others. The package can be extended for automated in-line NDT4.0 scanning. The software platform is based on .NET which exclusively supports Windows 10, 64 bit systems.

By supporting the process, the experts at Fraunhofer make sure that the new application specified by the respective user of the Ultrasound Software Platform is brought to life.

Screenshot: UT Software Platform by Fraunhofer IZFP

Technical Data


•     .NET 4.6,
•     Windows 10 64bit,
•     any modern CPU,
•     RAM depends on actual application.


Compatible with any IZFP Ultrasound Hardware,  e.g.

•     OPTUS / ETHUS,
•     UNIUS,
•     EMUS-PRO,
•     and many more.

Supported Data Capture Modes

•     A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, D-Scan,
•     L-Scan, S-Scan,
•     FMC, DDF, PWI,
•     3D-Visualization,
•     integrated coordinate interface (PA-Trigger).


Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Müller
Phone: + 49 (0) 681/9767153
Fax: + 49 (0) 681/9767158